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Metro Atlanta 24/7 Emergency Tree Services

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Emergency Tree Services

Emergency Tree Services

24/7 Emergency Tree Removal

White Oak Tree Service has been operating in the Atlanta Metro area since 2015.

In that time we have provided tree removal service in Atlanta for hundreds of customers as well as ongoing maintenance and trimming services for a variety of other customers. We understand just how important emergency service can be when you are stuck with a tree that is in poor shape.

Our company has always believed in offering on call services to the Atlanta community and we continue to do so today. You can contact us at any time 24/7 for emergency tree removal services. If a tree has fallen as a result of a storm or seems to be on the brink of falling and causing an accident please contact us immediately.

Our staff maintains fast service times and we can arrive to assess the damage and then immediately start working on removing a tree, limbs or other natural debris from your property. It is important to contact us as soon as you see a downed tree in your yard. It is extremely dangerous to go outside and inspect downed trees. The branches or roots can shift suddenly and become extremely dangerous. Contact our professionals as soon as you spot the signs of falling limbs, raised roots and other damage.

The storms in the greater Atlanta area become quite dangerous and if you have downed limbs or even a tree that is close to electrical lines it is extremely important that you contact us immediately. Do not go outside in the storm when a tree could be about to give way, contact our staff immediately and we can come with the proper equipment to ensure a tree is safely secured in a tough storm. We prevent damage to your home and accidents from harming your family.
We know how important an emergency service is when you are in need. We offer our Atlanta area residents 24 hour emergency tree services. If you are in need of emergency service give us a call today at (678) 988-7255. We arrive fast to assess the damage and start working on recovering your home and property. Never go outside to inspect a downed tree. Trees can shift and become dangerous. Always call a professional and let them deal with a downed tree.
Storm Damage
Southern Storms can be scary and dangerous and even more so if you have a downed tree. Trees can hit electrical lines as well as fences and homes. It is never advisable to go outside and inspect the area. Give us a call first. We will be on the scene quickly and inspect the area to ensure that it is safe for you and your family. We then safely remove the tree without causing additional damage.

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White Oak Tree Service has been servicing Metro Atlanta GA and surrounding areas since 2015. We are a complete tree service located in Marietta GA offering an extensive variety of services for your landscape. Call or contact us today for a free proposal.
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