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Tree Removal

The staff at White Oak Tree Service have become extremely skilled in the art of tree removal services. We have many years of tree removal under our belts as well as all of the professional equipment required to tackle even the most difficult tree removal jobs. We can remove any size tree throughout Atlanta and the surrounding metro area. We offer flexible pricing options to fit the budget of any consumer and we provide this service to both residential customers and commercial customers.

It is our top priority to remove a tree in the safest manner possible. This means using just the right equipment preventing damage to property, accidents that could affect the health of people and more. We never put our team members or the people that reside on your property in any danger.

We have an extensive knowledge of tree removal and use advanced techniques as well as heavy cranes and equipment to remove trees from even hard-to-reach spots throughout the property. We also have stumping tools to ensure that we can remove entire stumps and root systems to prevent these unsightly items from growing new plants from the roots.

We also provide assistance with providing replacement trees. If you have had a tree removed due to disease or damage we can plant a replacement tree of an appropriate species at the proper time of year in a place near where the old one was felled. This restorative touch is a signature option you will only find at White Oak Tree Service.

Our staff members are made up of nature lovers and we will do what we can to preserve a tree until there are no options but removal. We understand that damaged trees due to storm damage, fungi, disease, poorly grown roots or in the way of new construction will need removal.

We can reduce your liability as well as ensure that tree removal is done in the safest possible manner.
White Oak Tree Service has all the experience, equipment and man-power necessary to remove any size tree throughout Atlanta and the surrounding areas.
There are times when a tree needs to be removed. We have the team that is fully equipped for any removal job. Our top priority is safety for our team members and your property. We have a working knowledge of how to get the job done safely though advanced rigging techniques or the use of a crane for those hard to reach spots on the property. We also can have the stump ground out to prevent further growth of the roots.

Our signature touch when doing removal is recommending and planting a replacement tree for that area. We can re-plant the appropriate tree during the proper time of year for you to enjoy.

Reasons for Tree Removal

Although we’re nature lovers at heart, sometimes a tree removal is the last option available. There are many reasons why trees may need to be removed, these include:

  • Tree is dead, diseased or dying
  • Tree is leaning towards people or property
  • It’s outgrown it’s growth area
  • Branches are rubbing up against roofs, windows or power lines
  • Roots causing major disturbance to walkway areas (driveway, side walk)
  • Storm Damage
  • Open Cavities
  • Fungi
  • Cracks in the wood
  • Loose or dead bark
  • It’s in the way (New construction purposes)

Reduce Your Liabilities

Whatever the specific reason may be for your tree removal, it should never be performed by you or a non-professional. There are criteria you should verify before hiring someone to remove your tree. To start, the company should have all of the proper credentials. This includes being licensed, Insured and bonded. Experience is also critically important.
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